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RiverSupport For Students

Support to Stay on the Right Track.

Your success is our first priority! The ReachOut System will help you if you experience difficulties. RiverSupport Resources provide access to resources to help you overcome obstacles to your success.

How does RiverSupport Work?

Notice Instructor notices a challenge & sends a ReachOut to the student's advisor
Respond Advisor responds and contacts the student
Assess Student and Advisor assess the challenges and determine a plan of action
Support Student receives support and services that help facilitate their success

What Happens if I get a ReachOut?

  1. You Get Notified
    You will receive information regarding the ReachOut from your assigned advisor through RiverMail as well as by phone. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you activate and check RiverMail often, and pay special attention to messages from RiverSupport. Make sure that IRSC has all of your current contact information so you don’t miss out on these important notices.
  2. What do I do if I get contacted
    When your IRSC advisor contacts you to discuss the ReachOut, they will offer to connect you with resources and support that can assist you with whatever challenges you may be experiencing. Be sure to make contact with them.
  3. Who is RiverSupport for?
    A ReachOut is meant to provide support to any student who might need assistance because of a temporary setback or an ongoing difficulty that puts their academic success at risk.
  4. Does getting a ReachOut mean I am failing?
    Receiving a ReachOut does not necessarily mean that you are failing. Please speak to your Instructor as soon as you receive the ReachOut. Clarification from your Instructor will give you a better idea as to where you stand in the class and what areas need improvement. It is also important to contact your assigned advisor who wants to help you find resources to assist you.
  5. Does this affect my academic record?
    Information sent to RiverSupport is in no way associated with your academic record. Information within the system is not accessible by anyone other than authorized advisors directly involved in supporting your success.
  6. How do I get help if I am struggling in my classes?
    We have lots of help for struggling students. Your first step is to visit the Academic Support Center (ASC). An ASC is located at each IRSC campus. Here you will find information on tutoring, the Writing Center, the Math Lab and Student Success Workshops. The ASC can be reached by phone at 772-462-7625 or visit IRSC ASC Lab. There is also a list of campus and community resources available to students through RiverSupport. Here you can find resources available to assist with many different challenges. If you still need assistance, contact your assigned Advisor who can direct you toward the needed support and /or resources.

IRSC is here to help you succeed. RiverSupport Resources can provide you with easy access to many different types of services to help you address personal and academic challenges.


riversupport resources online guide

RiverSupport's Online
Resource Guide

Issues outside of the classroom can often cause students’ work inside the classroom to suffer. At IRSC we are dedicated to helping you be successful. Utilizing RiverSupport’s Online Resource Guide you can browse a collection of Resources, both throughout our campuses and in the community.

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