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Learning Styles for Faculty and Employees

Explanation of Learning Styles

Learning Styles is a profile that identifies the optimal conditions that will assist the individual worker or learner to be successful in situations in which new, difficult or challenging material is presented. Once an individual's learning style strengths or preferences have been identified, the individual can begin to create the environment in which he/she will be most productive.

Learning Styles Workshops For Faculty

Indian River State College offers 1-credit workshops for Learning Styles.

EDG 2301 Introduction to Learning Styles
This one credit workshop, you will not only will not become “aware” of your own learning style, but will also be alerted to the fact of why you teach (introduce new learning) in the manner that you do. It will also provide a foundation to the belief that you, through alternate ways of presenting information, can satisfy the learning needs of the majority of your students. If you know the “why” of a student’s not getting it, you can have the “how” available to assist.

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EDF2930 Creating Learning Styles Materials for Classroom Use (Pre Requisite – one credit Intro to Learning Styles Class)
This one credit workshop will assist in the identification and the creation of learning styles materials that will enhance classroom instruction. Participants will begin to make their own manipulatives:

  • Learning Wheels
  • Task Cards
  • Flip Chute
  • Flip Book
  • Pic-a-Hole
  • Next workshop - TBA

Please check back to see when our next workshops will be offered.


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