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Student Accessibility FAQ's

Questions and FAQ's Related to Student Disabilities

  1. Where do I go if I have a disability and need accommodations at IRSC?
    View our Contact Us listing.
  1. What do I need to do to be eligible for Student Accessibility Services?
    Requesting services at IRSC
  1. What disability documentation is needed and where do I obtain it?
     Doctor required documentation
  1. What accommodations and equipment are available for student with disabilities?
  1. Where do I find Student Accessibility Services forms to apply for services?
    Forms are located throughout our SDS website area
  1. What services and equipment are not provided by Student Accessibility Services?

    Post secondary institutions are not required to:
  • Provide specialized personal equipment (i.e., wheelchair, crutches, etc.)
  • Substitute or waive any of the essential requirements of a course or program.
  • Conduct testing and assessment of learning, psychological, or medical disabilities.
  • Provide personal attendants.
  • Provide personal or private tutors (but tutoring services normally available to persons without disabilities must be accessible to persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified for those services)
  • Prepare “Individual Education Plans” (IEPs)
  • Provide transportation between home and college or around campus.
  1. How will my instructors know what accommodations I am eligible to receive?
    Faculty Liaison
  1. Am I able to have all the same accommodations at each IRSC campus?
  1. Who do I contact if I need a reader or scribe for a test?
    The Assessment Center provides a less distracting environment and assistance for taking classroom and standardized tests (i.e. GED, P.E.R.T., CLAST, TABE, Health Science Admissions Examinations, etc.) Located in W-109, Main Campus and available at all IRSC Campuses.

    Students must contact Steven Daniello, when a reader or scribe is needed for testing.

    (772) 462-7583 Steven Daniello, Assessment Services Manager or
    (772) 462-7578 Loren Diaz, Testing Coordinator  
  1. How do I obtain information on receiving alternative textbooks on CD/audio link  through Learning Ally or Student Accessibility Services if I am eligible for this accommodation?
    Learning Ally website:
    Alternative Text Student Application Form
    Alternative Text for Textbook Form
  1. What is the procedure for requesting a course substitution, college preparatory exemption or TABE waiver?
    Procedures for requesting reasonable substitutions
  1. Is there a TDD/TTY on campus that I may use?
    Telecommunication (TDD) Services Available at IRSC —
    • A telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD/TTY) is available in Student Accessibility Services (W-143) for persons who are hearing or speech impaired. Hearing and speech impaired individuals may use the Florida Relay Service (FRS) at 1-800-955-8771 or 711 (TDD/TTY), through the Student Accessibility Services, when calling a party that does not use a TDD/TTY. This ensures privacy. There is no charge for this service except for long distance calls, which are offered at discounted rates. IRSC also communicates with students utilizing Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS) or through IRSC RiverMail email.
  1. Where do I go to obtain assistance with tutoring, housing, and crisis counseling at IRSC and learn about other campus resources?
    Campus Resources
  1. Are there agencies in the community that assist individuals with disabilities?
  1. Who do I contact if I need transportation?
    Community Transportation
  1. I have a disability, where besides the Student Accessibility Services office may I go to register to vote or update my voter registration?
    Florida Department of State/Division of Elections Website: Voter Registration form.
  1. Is documentation of my disability kept confidential at IRSC and how do I request to have my documentation sent to another school or agency?
    Confidentiality/Release of Information -

    Documentation at IRSC is kept confidential. However, Student Disability Services (SDS) requests permission to inform instructors of the accommodations needed and disabilities of students when deemed approriate. Students may also sign a release of information, giving a third party (i.e., parents, doctor, agency, etc.) permission to contact college personnel to discuss disability, accommodations, and educational progress. It is not required of college personnel to initiate contact with a third party. Students wanting a copy of their documentation on file in SDS will also be required to sign a release of information. If a request for a copy of documentation is made via fax, the student will need to fax a written/signed request, along with a copy of a photo ID (i.e., driver's license or passport), and the address or fax number where documentation is to be sent.
  1. What laws govern a student with a disability at IRSC?
    The Laws
  1. How do laws differ from high school to college for students with disabilities?
    Different laws apply
  1. Where do I apply for financial aid or scholarships for students with disabilities?
    Financial Aid Resources
  1. Can I attend IRSC without a High School Diploma or with a Special High School Diploma? Which programs and courses am I eligible to take?
    Fast Facts on Industrial Education Programs

    In order to be eligible to take college credit courses or to work toward any degree at IRSC, students must first obtain a standard high school diploma or GED. Students with disabilities may contact Student Accessibility Services for further information on obtaining a standard high school diploma or GED at IRSC.


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