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A budget is a plan illustrating how you can spend income. It is important to plan how to spend your income to live within your means and avoid stressing about how to pay your next bill. A budget is also important to achieve financial goals and independence.

For more information on budget and successful budgeting you can visit the following websites:,, and Additional sources for planning are, and

Credit Management

This section covers topics on credit, credit cards, debit cards, credit report, credit scores, financial safety, identity theft, consumer protection, and basic interest computations.

For additional information, you can go to You can also go to and


Savings is part of your income that is not spent on current expenses. Savings can be used for emergencies or unexpected expenses. For example, savings can be used to pay for damages from a hurricane, medical emergency or a car breakdown. Savings can also be set aside to pay for a vacation or an expensive appliance upgrade or a kitchen repair that cannot be paid in full with current income. Savings enables you to achieve your financial goals and accomplish financial security.

For additional information on savings plan, go to For updates on savings rate and banking services, go to and

Identity Theft

This section covers topics on identity theft, stolen information and protection.

For additional information, you can visit the following links:, and and


The IRSC Center for Financial Literacy sponsored an essay writing contest to encourage students to think about the importance of financial literacy in their personal lives and to prepare them for the financial challenges of the 21st century.


First Prize -
Gabriella Mumford
(Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration)

Second Prize -
Bradley Zebrowski
(Associate in Arts)

Third Prize -
Alexis Barron
(Bachelor's Degree)

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