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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP):

The concept of quality enhancement is at the heart of the Commission's philosophy of accreditation. Each institution seeking reaffirmation of Accreditation is required to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Engaging the wider academic community and addressing one or more issues that contribute to institutional improvement, the plan should be focused, succinct, and limited in length. The QEP describes a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined topic or issue(s) related to enhancing student learning.

In August of 2011 IRSC President Dr. Massey sent an email to College employees requesting their input regarding the topic for our QEP. Community input was also solicited through a Zoomerang link on the IRSC home page on the College website requesting input from all stakeholders. Student input was solicited through the Campus Coalition Government and the Student Leadership program. Board member input was solicited during a Board of Trustees Meeting and IRSC Advisory Council Members also received an email requesting input regarding the most appropriate topic for IRSC to select for its QEP. More than 570 potential topics were collected, compiled and categorized according to subject matter. The QEP Development Committee received the feedback related to the four potential topics focused on specific disciplines and student learning and is currently meeting to review the research surrounding the possible topics.

At the culmination of the QEP, the Commission on Colleges sends an on-site committee of professional peers to the campus to assess the educational strengths and weaknesses of the institution. The written report of the committee helps the institution improve its programs, refine its QEP, and also provides the basis on which the Commission decides to grant, continue, reaffirm, or withdraw accreditation.

During a typical three-day visit, committee members examine data and conduct interviews in order to evaluate the soundness of the QEP and ascertain whether the institution is in compliance with the Principles. The committee offers written advice to the institution, develops a consensus on its findings, and completes a draft report. Finally, the committee presents an oral summary in an exit report to the chief executive officer and invited institutional officials on the last day of the visit.

The departure of the committee from campus does not mark the end of the reaffirmation process. The visiting committee report and the response of the institution to the findings of the committee are reviewed by the Committee on Compliance and Reports, a standing committee of the Commission. The Committee on Compliance and Reports recommends action on reaffirmation to the Executive Council of the Commission. The Executive Council in turn recommends action to the Commission on Colleges, which makes the final decision. These decisions are announced to the College Delegate Assembly during its annual business session.


Assessment &
Evaluation Team
Barbara Van Horn, Chair
Research &
Implementation Team
Rita Lindsay & Jodi Robson, Co-chairs
Marketing &
Design Team
Ray Carpenter, Chair
Neila Bird
PK Brodhead
Rhea Cemer
Carl Clark
Nancy Cunningham
Steven Daniello
Tom D'Elia
Scott Fynboe
Paul Horton
Dale Irwin
Steven Knapp
Christine McDonald
Kim Milner
Dave Moberg
Katie Nall
Duane Chin Quee
Bill Solomon
Deanna Voehl
Andy Wells
Kathy Davis*
Jerry Mock*
Sera Addison
Eva Allen
Kim-Le Arvary
Roberta Conti
Steven Daniello
Darlene Drummond
Emily Elrod
Mary Lewis
Tiffany Lewis
Sharon Lowe
Sarah Mallonee
Edith Pacacha
Steven Payne
Pat Profeta
Amani Rahman
Beth Raulerson
Leslie Sterrett
Doug Wilbersheid
Beverly Wood
Sarah Wyatt
Kathy Davis*
Jerry Mock*
Michelle Abaldo
Sheila Amaro
Donald Bryant
Frank Harber
Carl Hensley
Jim Howse
Christie Krueger
James Mason
Maurice McMillon
Jill Novak
Asoka Peiris
Mike Pelitera
Rochelle Popp
Judith Riley
Denise Robinson
Evette Rodriquez
Michael Schramm
Rebecca Shearer
Teena-Louise White

Curriculum Team
Carl Clark
Eva Allen
Deanna Voehl
Leslie Sterrett
Beverly Wood
Bobbi Cook


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