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Instructional Assessment


Indian River State College, formerly Indian River Community College, has played a leadership role in helping to define the practice of assessment of student learning outcomes within Florida’s community college system. In 2005-2006, IRSC’s Vice President of Academic Affairs drafted a framework for assessment of student learning, based upon best practices across the country, which led to the development of a Statewide Student Learning Outcomes task Force. A multi-disciplinary faculty workgroup at the college, known as EDGE (Exploring Discipline-Grounded Epistemologies) formulated general education learning outcomes to address universal learning outcomes that students should demonstrate through and as a result of their general education experience. As summarized in the IRSC Catalog.

General Education teaches students a broad base of knowledge and develops higher-order thinking skills. Through the General Education requirements within the Associate in Arts degree at IRSC, the student will:

  • communicate with clarity and precision
  • use technology to organize, acquire, and convey information
  • describe a wide range of global, social and cultural points of view and apply various perspectives to analyze human behavior
  • develop awareness of diverse ethical perspectives
  • understand and exhibit civic engagement and social responsibility
  • apply critical thinking through problem solving.

The General Education learning outcome objectives define the Associate of Arts program at IRSC. Departments in Academic Affairs collaborate in a comprehensive assessment strategy for the gen ed objectives and use the data to identify opportunities to improve the program.

Similarly, each of IRSC’s Career & Technical programs and Baccalaureate programs has identified program learning outcome objectives and developed assessment strategies to measure achievement of those objectives.

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