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How to Begin

Here you will find key elements of how to get started on your proposal beginning with your concept or project idea. Key elements of a proposal include: Institutional Description and Facts; Project Goals and Objectives, Project Evaluation, and Budget. Once you have completed your Project Concept Paper, please call the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to speak with a member of the Grants Development Team.

  • PDF File Grant Project Concept Paper
    Steps to sketch out the project as you envision it. Provide a summary of your ideas that can be used in discussion meetings with your dean/supervisor, grant writing staff, and others. It can also be used to help locate an appropriate funding source for your proposal.
  • PDF File Grants Guidelines
    A list of Grants Guidelines when working with others to procure external funds.
  • PDF File Grants Budget Development
    A form to breakdown Personnel, Travel, Equipment and Supplies needs.


Cindy Bruin
Director of Grants Development
(772) 462-7261


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