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Focus on New Faculty - Welcome! Academic Excellence: faculty focused technology training Anne R. Snyder Department Chair Leadership Academy Education: Ongoing Training for Faculty and Staff

Targeted Offerings

Since the inception of EDP in 2000, the program has expanded into a comprehensive program that coordinates developmental and training opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators. EDP provides concentrated development offerings targeting certain employee groups with their specific roles in mind.

Targeted offerings include:


EVENTS/TRAINING: Ongoing throughout the year

Enlightened Leaders Institute: Training program for administrative supervisors. Sessions will focus on student success and our Key Performance Indicators in their role as supervisors.

bullet  FACULTY

EVENTS/TRAINING: Ongoing throughout the year.

bullet Anne R. Snyder Department Chair Leadership Academy

Development opportunities are focused on helping the Department Chair become more effective discipline leaders. Offerings include effective leadership, delegation skills, state curriculum issues, finance and budgeting, and student issue management. 

bullet Instititute For Academic Excellence

The Employee Development Program has partnered with the Instititute For Academic Excellence located in the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies to offer an array of state-of-the-technology training. Offerings are faculty focused. Visit website for details.


EVENTS/TRAINING: Ongoing throughout the year. View Adjunct Faculty website for details.


NEW FACULTY WELCOME: August 13th, 2018

Meet & Greet Faculty Introduction Videos

Resource Links

The links below offer an overview of the college's culture, learning styles, and procedures. More information for Faculty can be found on the Faculty Website.

bullet  STAFF

EVENTS/TRAINING: Ongoing basic throughout the year.

bullet Great Manager Training Series for Supervisors

Training program for non-administrative supervisors. Sessions will focus on student success and our Key Performance Indicators, targeting their role as supervisors.

bullet Administrators Assistant Training Series

Training program for those that serve in an administrative assistant/clerical support role. These sessions will also be focused on student success and our Key Performance Indicators in relation to their role as administrative assistants.


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